"My work is rooted in the narrative traditions of the arts, using a variety of traditional drawing, painting, and printing techniques and media.  My greatest progress has not come from the study of art, but rather through the study of the creative process. 

While in the process of creating a work of art, I am more attentive to art’s tradition than to personal style, as I understand art to be an entity unto itself, existing for its own reasons and purpose, with the artist acting as merely a vehicle through which the art itself comes into being.  Given this, my approach can best be characterized as fusionist.  Fusing the elements of various artistic movements and concepts offers me a wider variety of stylistic choices and allows me to create for art’s reasons rather than for my own.

 I create dialogues, not pictures.  The dialogue first emerges into consciousness through the complementary actions of altered awareness and metacognition.  The dialogue’s emanating source is a combination of personal experience and experiential interpretations of the many and varied resources I actively pursue specifically for the purpose of making and improving my art. 

The initial dialogue is not a conscious choice, but one that presents itself for the purpose of being created.  It is my task to discover what the art wants of me and how best to utilize my practiced skills and learned patterns of construction to facilitate the art’s existence.  The art begins with a skeletal idea of theme and a working title. It is only through the working dialogue of ideas, abilities, and limitations of skill and medium that the full meaning of the artwork and its title becomes known. 

Upon concluding the work of art, I collect my thoughts and create a written translation of the visual narrative.  This allows me to obtain closure and distance from the artwork while providing viewers with a point of entry into a dialogue of their own with the work of art."

Night Journey 57: Knight of Resignation Among the Lotus Eaters 32"x42"  oil on canvas

Night Journey 49: Absturzender/The Twilight of Idolatry 36"x48" oil on canvas

Night Journey 56: The Phantasmal Light of Memory of a Lost and Forgotten Time  34"x20"  oil on canvas

             Night Journey 36: The Amazing Juggler  48"x44"   oil on canvas   

NIght Journey 51 The Minotaur and Inner Demon  52"x36" oil on canvas 

Night Journey 39  26"x42"  oil on canvas

Night Journey 62: The Blind and Dying Minotaur Walking Through the Ghost of Memory in the Tragic Consciousness of Time   42"x26"   oil on canvas  

Night Journey 48: We Sleep in the World We Make 48"x26"  oil on canvas  

Lily 2  11"x14"  oil and gold leaf on panel   

Lily 15  16"x12"  oil and gold leaf on panel   

Lily 1  11"x14"  oil and gold leaf on panel   

Lily 12  11"x14"  oil and gold leaf on panel