“Iron retains…”

When creating art, as I heat, hit and weld iron, the spirit and energy I devote transfers to the iron. The transferred power is retained in iron form, and lives on as long as is possible. Sometimes, I float among dreams like this while I create my art work.

This power and energy are stored in the iron, and stay alive, radiating a kind of heat. Just as radiation continues its long journey to its next half-life, so the iron I work with lives on.

Human body cells turn over every 90 days. It could be said that I am a totally different person in four days, and even more so in ninety days. However, I continue to exist as myself, and although the cells of my entire body have been replaced and I am physically and materially a completely different being, my spirit continues to dwell in me as before.

Similarly, even after I am gone, my thoughts and ideas poured into iron continue to retain my creative spirit as the iron degenerates, rusts and disappears with time, until the very last trace.

Today, I continue to create with iron as my mind envisions.

A Sculptor with Backbone     8"x13"x20 1/2"    steel, plastic (eye), brass

Artist Statement

Rain in the Jungle   19.2"x18.3"x22.83"    steel, plastic (eye)

Rainy Season: Frog    11.02" x16.92"x2.75"    steel

Her Property (full-length portrait model)   7.8"x7,8"x9"  steel, cloth, sand

Photographer Who Lost His Eyesight  12.59"x12.59"x21.65" steel, plastic, stainless

The Sin of Astro Boy   12.9"x11.81"x18.30"  steel, glass beads, stainnless

A Mother Who Sells Corn   12.99"x12.99"x19.29"  steel, plastic (eye)

A Man Who Steers a Boat (Mr. Steve Johnson)    9.84"x16.53"x20.86" steel, plastic (eye)

Dropping in on the Way: Cochlea   11.81"x18.11"x2.75"   steel