…..with straightforward and dynamic approach, Voltolina’s paintings become the proven sophistication and honesty, culminating his artistic creative energy. At once vulnerable and enduring, they epitomize an existential reconciliation among the mind, the spirit and the body. Turbulent they may be, yet at the same time, they embody an elegance that is deeply moving. Unsentimental on surface, the figures are nonetheless filled with passion a passion that is profound, reflective in essence; a passion that reveals the artist’s earnest desire to celebrate the flux of life.

Visione  39"x56"  oil on canvas

Trio  17"x25" oil on canvas

Red Circle  39 1/2" x 43 1/2" oil on canvas

Dancer  32"x24"  oil on canvas

Duo 30"x32" oil on canvas

Vision    pastel on paper