Pierre Jacquemon is a painter whose sensibility is poised between the modern and the primordial. Irving Stettner writes, “. . .it only takes a moment or two to look at a painting by Pierre Jacquemon; yet in a split-second, or wink of an eye we jump our skins, end up transfixed: immediately we are plunged into a world of timelessness, interstellar latitudes and longitudes, limitless space, able to witness planets colliding, the hot red ball at the center of the earth, the fiery tails of shooting comets, resplendent meteor showers.”

Untitled #20 (Twelve Wisemen)  29"x37" oil on canvas

Untitled #6   29"x32"  oil on canvas

Untitled E  32"x32" oil on canvas

Untitled #7  38"x34" oil on canvas

Untitled 98-One 18"x15" oil on board

Untitled #Four  24"x20"  oil on canvas

Untitled G 20"x26" oil on canvas

Untitled #17 32"x29" oil on canvas