Unable to speak, Shino naturally turns to the vocabulary of gesture, form and color to communicate what she is physically unable to express.  Her work attempts to synthesize an elemental visual language of pure feeling… addressing concerns of self-realization, the transmission of idea and emotion, and the nature of expression through abstraction. 

“My daughter, Shino, cannot speak, cannot write, cannot read.  With regard to her inner thoughts, I can only answer with my own words and my own thoughts.   I have long been concerned about how much I can speak for her. I have always stopped myself from deciding for her.  But as I grow older, I’ve decided to worry less about the details.  If there is hesitation, I won’t do it.  But once it’s begun, I want to see it through.”

“This is a path that I could not have travelled on my own.  To everyone who has helped along the way I offer my sincerest gratitude.  Because you were around, I could live.”

                                                                                                             - Shino’s mother, Tomoko Miura           

Circle in Motion I   20"x26" acrylic on paper

Dot series II  11"x14"  mixed media on paper

Field of Color II/collage  20"x20"  mixed media on paper

Field of Color I  20"x20" mixed media on paper

Blue Spiral  18"x24"  acrylic on paper

Circle in Motion II  22"x26"  acrylic on paper

Field of Color   16"x20"  mixed media on paper

Shades of Color I  11"x14"  mixed media on paper

Energy Field I  16"x20"  mixed media on paper